About Wilgh QSE

Our mission? A safe and healthy working environment for your employees and your organisation. Thus, we want safety for those around us. Using quality as a cornerstone, we develop safety for the long term. Hence our slogan: Quality first, Safety lasts.
How are we going to do that for you? With advice, secondment and project management of secondary, integral and higher safety experts at a management level. Experienced and passionate professionals who are at home in simple or complex companies with lower or higher safety risks in a risky environment. We have these safety experts in our team: we can guarantee quality and you will have the right person in the right place. What makes us unique? Our approach to our services and to our role as an employer.

Driven by quality

Our safety experts are the best in their profession. They possess all the required competences for your project, because this is how we select them. They are extremely well-qualified and often have a technical background, and they have knowledge of your sector. If necessary, the safety expert will receive training or refresher courses. This will allow them to continually increase their knowledge and skills. Our safety experts are decisive and demanding. They are communicative and get involved in your project, they know how to motivate others and get things done.
Our back office staff stands by to respond quickly to questions and to provide advice. Moreover, we work with a powerful project management system to ensure efficient and customer-oriented service. To make things easier you will, as a client, only ever deal with one point of contact: the project manager who is also the integral safety expert. Which is good to know.


Wilgh QSE is VCU-certified. This means that we have a standardised Health and Safety system for the health and safety of our employees while they carry out their duties.


We focus on people, with respect to both our clients and our own employees. Safety is not just a matter of processes and projects: ultimately, it is about people. We pay close attention to our employees' development and regularly exchange knowledge, aside from peer-to-peer coaching. Additionally, we ensure they feel comfortable in their workplace. This guarantees our services are high quality. In short, we aim to be customer and employee friendly.

Always tailor-made

No organisation is the same. Neither are the work processes, the building layout and, last but not least, the employees. Therefore, safety and prevention measures will always be completely customised. This goes for advice and secondment as well as project management.

We do it together

Of course, we would be happy to take as much work as possible out of your hands. Safety and prevention are, after all, our specialty. However, we especially like to work together with you on specialised advice, secondment or project management. This way we will be able to achieve our goal: a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and your business.

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