Certifications: VCU and NEN 4400

Extra assurance for you as a client: Wilgh QSE has all the necessary certifications for the secondment of a safety expert: VCU and NEN 4400.

VCU: Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties

a client-recognised health and safety standard that applies to employment agencies operating from within a number of different European countries.

We are certified for posting employees to high-risk companies. This risk can originate from the work itself and/or the work environment. The VCU-certificate demonstrates that our health and safety management system (H&S system) is in order. We pay extra attention to providing health and safety training for our own staff.

NEN 4400: to be on the safe side

While working with Wilgh QSE, you are not exposed to any financial risk. We offer this assurance via our NEN 4400-certification. The NEN 4400-1 standard specifies the requirements for assessing companies that provide personnel, such as employment agencies, payroll companies and sub-contractors in the construction industry. Assessments take place to verify that the company complies with all the obligations that arise from their business activities - the provision of labour. This includes the following obligations: the correct and timely declaration and payment of payroll taxes and sales taxes, and administration of employee records and identity documents in accordance with the standards. Moreover, as a client and under certain conditions, you are exempt from recipients' liability.