Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We would like to contribute to a safer society. Naturally, we do this based on our specialty: providing advice from and secondment of safety experts. However, we also think it is important that our social responsibility goes beyond that, so we try to find a balance between 'people', 'planet' and 'profit':


As previously stated: based on our core business, we help ensure people can work safely. That is not just our job, it is our most important driver. We provide a good service, not only for our clients but also for our own people. This ensures our employees’ optimal development and empowerment; which in turn benefits the quality of our work.


We only have one planet, and we must protect it. We do this as a part of our daily work, for example the prevention of accidents concerning harmful substances. However, we are happy to do more: we pay close attention to well-known issues such as the consumption of paper, electricity and water. Moreover, we all drive in environmentally friendly cars.

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Naturally, we have to make a profit. That will ensure the continuity of our company, and provide security for our clients and employees. But profit is not what drives us. For us, it is about the people. That's why we support such organisations as the HiP Foundation, which is a growing network of people who voluntarily provide help to people in their own neighbourhood; to people who (temporarily) cannot rely on a social network and people who are living in social isolation.
Go to the HiP Foundation website.