Do you need a safety expert on a secondment basis?

Do you have a new building project, renovation, reconstruction or major maintenance? And could you benefit from a safety expert working at management level? Wilgh QSE can help. We are specialists in the secondment of highly qualified secondary, integral or higher safety experts.

From small to large complex organisations from various sectors

Our safety experts are familiar with working in large and complex VCA-certified organisations, organisations subject to the Directive of Safety and Severe Accidents (BRZO), and other companies with an increased safety risk They have experience in various sectors, including chemical, petro-chemical, energy (generation) and heavy industry. We also work in the food industry, the construction industry, in office environments (companies and governments) and in healthcare.

Meet and select

Selecting the right safety expert has to be done carefully. First of all, we would like to get to know you and your company, and hear what it is that you need exactly. We will discuss the tasks and skills you require from the safety expert, and we also want to hear your objectives. Using that as a foundation, we will selec t the best safety professional for your project from our team of safety experts. After that, we will make the introductions.

Consultation and reporting

We think it is important that both parties have a good feeling about each other. If so, the safety expert will start working on your behalf. During the project, we like to meet with our clients and the safety expert on a regular basis, and we regularly draw up a report. We do this to ensure the project is running smoothly, that we are on track, and that you can achieve your objectives. To us it is equally important that the safety expert feels happy as well, because a happy worker will achieve better results.

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Would you like more information about obtaining a safety expert on a secondment basis?

Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly provide you with more information about the possibilities concerning your specific situation.

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