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Safety personnel on site

Read the article from the new edition of Grond/Weg/Waterbouw Nederland here: conversation with a senior safety expert, who recently supervised the start-up of the East Netherlands Waterways Performance Contract via the secondment desk (an initiative of Wilgh Advies & Detachering & Aboma Advies). 

Safety has top priority in construction and infrastructure. Setting up construction safety processes and advising, and guiding the project organization, regarding safety requires a lot of attention and manpower, especially at the start of a project. Reason for Aboma Advies and Wilgh Advies & Detachering to start the secondment desk 'security experts on location' together. An interview with Nico Stolk, who, as a senior safety expert, recently supervised the start-up of the East Netherlands Waterways Performance Contract via the secondment desk.

Rijkswaterstaat maintains the waterways in the east of the country with the Waterways East Netherlands programme. The aim is to guarantee high water safety and the living environment for people and animals, but also to enable smooth and safe passage of shipping. “The contract has been put out to tender for several years,” explains Nico. “We have been called in to provide support in writing the safety plans and the risk inventory. Projects are like airplanes, it takes a lot of energy to get them in the air. Extra 'hands' are more than welcome. Heijmans therefore made grateful use of our secondment desk for the Vaarwegen Oost-Nederland project during the first three months. Once in the 'air', we are on standby to assist where necessary. ”

security risks
An important part of the East Netherlands Vaarwegen project is the dredging of the Waal between Lobith and Woudrichem. Stolk: “With various ships, the sand is moved from shallow areas to deeper channels in order to create a more or less flat bottom with sufficient draft. In the initial phase of the project, we made a substantial contribution to drawing up all documents relating to safe working. Part of this is mapping out all possible safety risks on location. In this case also on the water. Not very annoying,” laughs Stolk, who has a lot of experience in offshore as a safety expert. “On this project you also get a nice picture of the wonderful effect of nature: how pebbles from Germany become smaller and smaller while rolling. In addition, Heijmans certainly deserves a compliment for the many efforts that are made to promote safety awareness. There is a very pleasant atmosphere in the organization. ”Aboma Advies and Wilgh have been working together intensively for a year and a half now and second more than seventy safety experts on location. “We notice that there is a need for it. Not least because of the complexity of projects and increasingly strict regulations. In our world, the smallest risk can lead to great dangers. "Two will see more than one,” concludes Stolk.

(Source: GWW no. 5-2021)

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