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Training “How to handle agression”

Agression on the workfloor is a regular problem.  We speak of agression when someone crosses anothers limits, inflicts damage or try to achive a goal using anger. During this training the students learn how to effectively deal with agression on the workfloor, and to get a grip on trying situations, in which emotions can soar.

What is learnt?

When dealing with agression, communication is key. As we know, action triggers reaction. Our (chosen) way of communicating helps with dealing with agression. The participants will:

  • learn to recognise agression in a early stage, by observing and listening;
  • have insight in their own way of reacting towards agression;
  • learn to distuinguish the different types of agressive behaviour;
  • learn to react in a customer friendly and agression deminishing way;
  • learn to know when an incident is out of their influence;
  • learn to evaluate an incident and request after care when needed;
  • develope mental resistance.

The program:

Daypart 1:

  • Introduction training and acquaintance
  • Recognise verbale and non-verbal agression
  • Limit the level of influence (agression piramid)
  • Knowledge about agression techniques
  • Observation exercise agression

Daypart 2:

  • Practicing agression reducing techniques (roleplay)
  • Technique and insight in working safely
  • Agression policy and protocol
  • Registration, aftercare
  • Evaluation

The participants pratice with each other, the trainer and an actor, focussing on client based situations, and receiving feedback on their performance. Different forms of behaviour and techniques to asses behaviour and to de-escalate are also taught .


Who is it for?

This training is suited for any employee that has to deal with agression on the workfloor. There is no specific knowledege or education needed. 

The Training is given Incompany. Max group size is 12 participants. The participants receive a certificate of participation.

This course is available in Dutch and English. 

Duration of the training:

The course takes two dayparts.

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