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Secondment of qualified safety and environmental experts for your project or internal organization.

Secondment of Safety Expert

You can call on our company for new construction, renovation and / or major maintenance. Do you need an expert at (management) level? Wilgh is a specialist in the secondment of highly qualified safety experts (MVK, HVK), occupational hygienists and environmental experts. From small to large complex organizations in various sectors, including construction and infrastructure, (pharmaceutical) chemistry, energy (generation), food and heavy industry. 

Meet and select

Selecting the right safety expert is a careful job. We first get to know you and your organization personally. We would like to hear exactly where your needs lie and what your objectives are. Together we discuss the required tasks and skills of the expert. Based on this, we select the best professional for your project from our team. Then an introduction follows. If both parties have a good feeling, the safety expert will get to work for you.

Consultation and communication

During the project, we regularly consult with you as a client and with the employee. After all, we want to be sure that the project is going according to plan and that we are on track together. We think it is equally important that the safety expert feels comfortable in the workplace, because a satisfied person produces better results.

Wilgh has the right safety expert for your organization. Do you want to know more?

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