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Wilgh has expertise in any HSE issue and works for organizations in various sectors.

(Pharma) chemistry

Companies in the chemical industry must comply with strict legislation and requirements in the field of (process) safety, health and the environment. Our safety experts are used to working for large and complex VCA-certified and BRZO-obliged organizations; companies with an increased security risk.


Wilgh has worked for the food industry for years. The food industry is considered one of the largest industries in the Netherlands. We have supported various food industries in the expansion of factories and the development of management systems, such as ISO 9000, ISO14000 and HACCP. We also advise in the handling and storage of hazardous substances, machinery directive and ATEX.


We provide various services for healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes, care institutions and residential facilities). This concerns matters such as the implementation of RI & E’s, advice on the storage of hazardous substances, but also the provision of emergency response plans and the provision of first aid and emergency response training.


From the foundation of our company, we offer a wide range of services within the education sector. In the first place, we provide training courses, such as emergency response and first aid, evacuation exercises and scenario training for crisis management. You can also contact us for the preparation of evacuation plans, RI &E’s and policy plans in the field of safety.

The institutions we support fall within (special) primary education, secondary and higher education. Depending on the location, for example, we evacuate 

Power Generation & Distribution

Renewable energy is energy generated from inexhaustible sources. Examples of this are wind energy, hydropower energy, solar energy and biomass. Significantly less CO2 is released when generating sustainable energy.

By using sustainable, renewable energy, we as a society need less energy from fossil sources. 

Wilgh employs safety and environmental experts who have extensive experience on various projects in the energy sector. For example, we assist with the construction and maintenance of solar cell parks and wind farms (on- and offshore). We are also involved in high-tech developments in the field of heat and cold storage in soil layers.

Heavy industry 

Heavy industry generally includes mining, steel industry, machine industry and the chemical industry. Heavy industry is characterized by a far-reaching degree of mechanization and automation and is capital intensive. The demands placed on employees are high, also in terms of safety. As a consultancy we have supervised many projects within the industry.

Our activities on a project (new construction, renovation, shutdown and demolition) include:

  • advising and supporting the project organization, including the (sub) contractors;
  • conducting accidents and incident investigations;
  • ensuring the implementation of HSE plans;
  • assessment of RI & E’s and SHE plans of contractors;
  • issuing work permits and executing TRA’s;
  • site inspection for HSE aspects.


Infrastructure engineering includes earth, road and hydraulic engineering. Examples of such projects, as supervised by our safety experts, are the laying of pipes or cables, the construction of bridges and the widening and / or diversion of national and provincial roads.
For Rijkwaterstaat and for various main contractors, we have been involved in recent years in the construction of the HSL, the widening of the A1 / A6 (SAAone), the bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and many other projects. We are also deployed for infrastructural works that are supervised by Aboma or Movares (the former Railinfra Consult), with whom we also work together.


Together with, and on behalf of, our partner Aboma from Ede, we supervise many projects in the construction industry from the Aboma secondment counter. For example in the new construction of data centers, offices, laboratories and housing.

Our activities include:
• making and / or assessing Health & Safety plans in the design or implementation phase;
• making and / or assessing Task Risk Analyzes;
• discussing / coordinating safe cooperation between (sub) contractors;
• coordination of work permits;
• organizing toolbox meetings;
• supervise during implementation;
• compiling a safety and health file.

Wilgh has expertise in any HSE issue and works for organizations in various sectors.

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