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Follow up training Crisismanagement

The follow up training Crisismanagement is for those who are part of the crisisteam and have attended the Basic training Crisismangement. This training is pratical by nature.  We adjust this training to the current (emergency)procedures in use in your organisation. This follow up goes deeper into the way members of the crisisteam act and react. The correct action taken could prevent escalation in case of a serious incident.

What is learnt?

The followup Crisismanagement is always a matter of customisation.  Together we determine which scenario’s we develop and train. The follow up training cantake place at any desired location, wether in your own environment or any other, realistic crisis environment.

The program:

The course is very practical in nature. We coordinate these with the (emergency) procedures as established within your organization. In the follow-up course, the behavior of the officers in the crisis team is discussed in more detail. The right course of action prevents greater damage during a serious calamity.


Who is it for?

This training is meant for those in your organisation that play a part in preparation for a crisis. They have attended the basic training Crisismanagement.

The Training is given Incompany. Max group size is 12 participants. The participants receive a certificate of participat

Duration of the training:

The follow up course will take one full or one half day, depending on your need.

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