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Basic Company Emergency Response Officer

As an employer you hold responsibility for the safety, health and well being of your employees. You are obliged to take every measure necessary to achieve this. I.e. the appointing of one or more Emergency Response Officers. The number of ERO’s you need, depends on the outcome of the Risk Iventory & Evaluation. This RI&E determines the needed training and equipment for the ERO’s.After completion of the Basic Company Emergency Response training, your employees are capable of coping with all sorts of different emergency situations.

What is learnt?

In the Basic ERO training, the following is adressed:

  • Providing first aid in case of accidents (including the use of an AED);
  • The prevention, containment and handling of an accident or a (starting) fire;
  • In case of an emergency, the warning and eavcuation of all employees and others present in the company or institution.

The program:

Day 1:    Firefighting and Evacuation

  • Basics of Firefighting
  • How to Evacuate
  • Communications and warning
  • Dangers of fire and smoke development
  • Opening a door to a suspected fire area
  • Practice with different extinguishers and objects 

Day 2:    Emergency First Aid

  • Basics of giving First Aid
  • How to act with minor and serious bleeds
  • Recognise and treat a shock victim
  • Clearing an airway obstruction
  • Moving a victim
  • Handling an unconsious victim
  • Recovery position


Who is it for?

This course is suited for any employees who are physically and mentally able to provide First Aid. There are no further specific requirements.

The course is given at your location, with a maximum of 15 participants. The participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance after completion.

This course is available in Dutch and English. 

Duration of the training:

The Basic ERO training is two days, with hours from 9:00 till 16:30, or in deliberation. Both days consist of a theoretical and pratical part, both presented in a dynamic and interactive manner.

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